Our Process

When you have a goal but don’t know how to reach it, our process will help you find the perfect path.

We start by understanding you

Your goals

To understand your project fully we like to understand both the goals of the project (say, to build an app that delivers a service) and your company’s core goal or mission statement. We believe that starting with this understanding means that any work we do will be harmonious with and reflective of your company’s vision.

Your needs

You may have your own internal systems and preferred technologies that might affect how we scope a project. You may also have your own ways of measuring success that are different to any immediate goals of the project, such as turn-around time or budget. Understanding your needs and your preferred way of working is at the core of how we operate.

Your users

The habits and desires of your users will define how your project should be approached. We look at how your users will interact and engage with your product to determine the most appropriate way to develop the services that will engage them.

Once we understand your goals, your needs and your users we are ready to start getting creative.

Then we get creative

Answer the user desire

Our approach when interpreting a project brief is to imagine how a user would want to interact with the product or service that is to be developed. We start with the desires of the user in mind and plan an experience that complements how they engage with content, while funnelling them into your product in a way that feels intuitive and natural.

Discovering the perfect design

We then use advanced mock-up software to create designs so you and your stakeholders can get a good feel for the product being proposed. From there we begin the feedback process where we continue to improve the design and functionality until a balance is found between your needs and those of your users.

Once we have met the demands of the brief, answered the desires of the user and discovered the perfect design we are ready to build.

Then we develop at your speed

We use agile development methodologies.

It puts you in control

We cut up the project into chunks, with a minimum viable product delivered first, then new features added as ready, developing all the while in collaboration with the client should they wish to make changes between the design and development delivery stages. Agile is a great methodology because it keeps the invested clients close to the project, brings the development delivery times closer and allows the project to grow and respond to feedback quicker. Agile is the way for clients with vision, passion for improvement and a collaborative nature.